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The Brower Report

Category: Perpetual leases
Download: Ann_Brower_Thesis_2006.pdf (1,145,264 Bytes)

Ann Lacey Brower, a visiting American Fulbright scholar based at Lincoln University, came to New Zealand in 2005 after doing battle with the Colorado River authorities for allowing stakeholders to have what she alleged was too much say in the conservation management of the river. 

An environmental activist and accomplished self-publicist, in New Zealand she has used her status as an academic to get substantial media coverage. Rebuttals of her claims by experts in the field have, in contrast, had only minor media coverage. 

In February 2006, Brower published the attached report. This criticises tenure review, saying \"government contractors and government officials are giving away the crown jewels and paying the recipients to take them away.\"

Her report has been strongly criticised by the High Country Accord, as well as by valuers and academics with a knowledge of New Zealand valuation law and the legal principles underpinning perpetual leases.

Victoria University professors Neil Quigley and Lewis Evans, in a critique of the Brower report released in November 2006, said Brower\'s claims were \"entirely unfounded\", that she had \"completely misinterpreted the available data\" ... and had made a series of claims about the outcome of the process that were \"entirely erroneous\".

\"Brower\'s errors include incorrect assumptions about the property transactions which take place during tenure review, an incorrect understanding of the property rights of lessees and the Crown, and a lack of understanding of the nature of a pastoral lease and the value of the lessee\'s interest in it.\"